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train to pakistan khushwant singh arthur lall - train to pakistan khushwant singh arthur lall on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers in the summer of 1947 when the creation of the state of pakistan was formally announced ten million people muslims and hindus and sikhs were in flight by the time the monsoon broke, train to pakistan wikipedia - train to pakistan is a historical novel by khushwant singh published in 1956 it recounts the partition of india in august 1947 instead of depicting the partition in terms of only the political events surrounding it singh digs into a deep local focus providing a human dimension which brings to the event a sense of reality horror and believability, amazon com customer reviews train to pakistan - find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for train to pakistan at amazon com read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users, movies based on partition of india pakistan amitwrites - partition of indian pakistan in the year of 1947 is the only devastating event in indian history which affected all the facets of social science history civics geography economics and movies being a potent medium to convey the social plight few movie makers have successfully portrayed them over celluloid too, important books and authors 2017 2018 pdf for - important books and authors 2017 2018 pdf for competitive exams friends if you are preparing for any competitive exam banks ssc upsc teaching railways etc, 20 must read gems of indian english literature the - 3 rohinton mistry a fine balance this is the second novel by mistry published in 1995 and like his first novel such a long journey this novel too received wide acclaim across the globe, hindu wisdom hinduism s influence - the bhagavad gita buddhism and christianity the dalai lama has said when i say that buddhism is part of hinduism certain people criticize me but if i were to say that hinduism and buddhism are totally different it would not be in conformity with truth, goat farming modern farming methods - goat farming is not a new enterprise rearing goats is a profitable business goat has been rearing since the time immemorial generally goat farming means rearing goats for the purpose of harvesting milk meat and fiber at present goat farming has become a profitable business and it requires a very low investment because of its multi functional utility