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list of william shakespeare screen adaptations wikipedia - the guinness book of records lists 410 feature length film and tv versions of william shakespeare s plays making shakespeare the most filmed author ever in any language as of july 2018 the internet movie database lists shakespeare as having writing credit on 1 371 films including those under production but not yet released the earliest known production is king john from 1899, murder on the orient express at an amc theatre near you - kenneth charles branagh was born on december 10 1960 in belfast northern ireland to parents william branagh a plumber and carpenter and frances harper both born in 1930, robin williams creator tv tropes - when these films became critical failures and even gave him a disturbingly sizable hatedom he went into another period in 2002 one no one would have expected his dark period death to smoochy insomnia and one hour photo established that he wasn t always so cute and cuddly and all but smoochy got rave reviews although he returned to the stand up stage that same year he continued to, dvd film reviews music cd reviews - reviews of film dvds including chaplin antonioni and the marx brothers, casting gag tv tropes - this is where an entire role mirrors or parodies an entire previous role or real life situation of the actor a conscious casting choice can be assumed thus it can also apply to cameos and guest stars this forms a small joke or minor piece of merriment